Please note, these are all questions pertaining to Speak Up. If you have any specific questions (that are not listed here), please do not hesitate to contact us!

We will respond within 24-48hrs max.

    • Competitors from Grade 8 all the way to college level
    • 4 place prize winners (not your conventional 3)
    • Freedom of performance: team performances, with music, instruments, swearing, and many more! NO THEMES
    • Easy to set up (takes roughly 2-3 months planning, organizing and executing)
  • You are allowed any type of non-violent props/instruments. It is truly a free-for-all event that allows youth to express themselves freely.

    To learn more about Speak Up’s rules and grading scheme please click here


  • Contestants are selected in different ways; depends on the organizing committee.

    However, in the past, students at highschool level: present their piece in class and the top 3 from each grade (Grade 8+) get chosen to attend the final event in front of the entire school.

    Students at a college level: we have a simple Google Form that allows interested students to sign up for a Speak Up event in their respective schools. The 3 winners from each college go head to head at the final Speak Up event!

  • Students usually talk about something personal, abstract or about making change.

    Nonetheless, they are all thought-provoking performances ranging from emotional, personal to inspiring and motivational!

    Click here to see various amazing performances from Speak Up!

  • 14-15 years and older.

  • Judges are picked on various levels; it does not depend on skill rather different field, that way we can get un-biased and diverse grading.

    Usually, we search for spoken word artists across the city, on top of that, we invite an english teacher, a music teacher, an arts teacher and two student judges. 

    Max amount of judges we have per event is 5.

  • There is a grading scheme that the judges look at during each performance. As a performer presents their piece, the judges tally the score in their respective rubrics. To view the marking scheme, click here.

  • Awards are picked depending on the funding we have. Usually we raise money through school events and sometimes the committee puts some forward to get an ultimate prize.

    Nonetheless, every winner gets a medal and the first place gets a trophy. On top of that, every winner gets an additional prize depending on the funding we have. 

    So far, we have given away 500$ in pre-paid mastercards, deluxe chocolate boxes, earphones, accessories and so on.